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About Us


Nikopas Engineering Pvt. Ltd. [Nikopas] is engaged in the manufacture of high quality Thread Cutting Dies & Rethreading Hex Die Nuts at its factory at Tarapur (Dist. Palghar), Maharashtra. Over the last four decades, Nikopas has established itself as a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Thread Cutting Dies & Rethreading Hex Die Nuts under the visionary leadership of Mr. Dilip B. Sawant, Managing Director. His technical expertise innovative bent of mind and determination to excel has helped Nikopas stay ahead of its competitors. He is ably supported by a team of skilled and experienced workforce in the designs, production, quality assurance who have regularly churned out quality products within the given time lines.

What We Offer

Nikopas offers a wide range of products, including ‘Hex Die-Nuts’ and ‘Round Thread Cutting Dies’, etc. marketed under the brand name of nkp. Our manufacturing processes employ the latest tools, techniques and technology, so as to consistently roll out high quality products which meets international industry standards. The nkp products have been very well accepted by our customers within India and abroad due to their exclusive features like dimensional accuracy, thread finish on die as well as on final product, cutting efficiency and tool life. Precision has always been the hallmark of the nkp products, It is rightly said about Nikopas nkp “OBSESSED WITH PRECISION”.


Nikopas Supplies to Domestic & Export

Nikopas supplies to domestic customers like Ordnance Factories, BHEL, Tyre Valve Industries, Gas Industries, Oil Industries, Hardwares & Bath Fittings Manufacturers , Auto Industries, Electrical/Electronics Industries and many others and also exports its products to countries including UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Dubai, Australia etc.

Nikopas exports nearly 60% of its production. Nikopas is continually striving to expand its export horizons while catering to the fast increasing domestic demand for its products.

Profile of Mr. Dilip B. Sawant, Managing Director

Mr. Dilip B. Sawant is the Managing Director of Nikopas Engineering Pvt. Ltd. [Nikopas]. He holds B.E. (Mechanical) degree from the prestigious VJTI. A first generation entrepreneur, he co-founded Nikopas in 1979 after a short stint with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Under his visionary leadership, Nikopas has established itself as a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Thread Cutting Dies & Rethreading Hex Die Nuts over the last four decades. His technical expertise, innovative bent of mind and determination to excel has led to Nikopas consistently performing well in this competitive business environment.


Mr. Sawant is driven by the unflinching commitment to quality and precision, which is at the core of Nikopas. He has always believed that ordinary people are capable of achieving extraordinary results if they are properly guided, developed and adequately motivated. He has ably developed a team of skilled, experienced and a highly charged workforce at Nikopas which has contributed to its success over the years.

Nikopas offers a wide range of products "THREAD CUTTING DIES" & "RETHREADING HEX DIE NUTS" marketed under the brand name of nkp™

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