Multistart Dies - Nikopas Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
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Multistart Dies

Multistart Dies

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of Circular Thread Cutting Dies & Hex Die Nuts since last 40 years.


We manufacture Circular Thread Cutting Dies & Hexagonal Die Nuts IN HSS & CS in various Thread Forms like BSW/BSF/UNF/UNC/UNEF/NS/WITHWORTH FINE/BSCON/BSCY/ME/PG/METRIC(Fine, Coarse)/BSP/BSPT/NPT.


We have wide range of thread sizes from 1/8″ (3mm) to 4″ (100mm) in COARSE as well as FINE pitches, RH as well as LH.


We manufacture dies to various standard such as IS, DIN, BS, AMERICAN as well as to customer’s specification / drawings.


We generally supply cut thread split dies. However, ground thread dies (lapped finish) can also be supplied. HSS Dies are generally produced from M2 grade.However, we can supply in M35 grade against specific requirement. Kindly note that our HSS DIES/DIE NUTS have GROUND RELEIF. This unique feature gives better cutting efficiency and improved thread finish.