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Do you require a Thread Cutting Dies in a special dimension and with a special thread type or tolerance? In addition to our standard catalogue range we provide special solutions tailored to your specific requirements on request!

Threading Dies: Precision Tools for Cutting and Forming Threads

Threading dies play a vital role in metalworking, providing the capability to cut or form male threads on rods or bars. These precision tools not only ensure accuracy in thread cutting but also extend the lifespan of the dies by reducing wear. In this article, we explore the functionality and variations of threading dies, as well as their applications in various industries.

Types and Features of Threading Dies:

Taps and Their Functions:

Taps are another critical component in the threading process. They are used to cut female threads inside predrilled holes. Taps typically come in three types: taper, plug, and bottoming, each serving different purposes in thread cutting.

Die Head Tap Threading:

Die head tap threading is a highly efficient method employed in high-volume production of threaded components. It involves using a chaser inserted into the die head, which is then closed to perform the cutting action. The die head is designed to rapidly retract without interfering with the newly formed thread.

Applications of Threading Dies:

Threading dies find widespread usage in industrial metalworking, particularly in repairing stripped holes or bolts. Rolled threading dies offer advantages such as increased strength, longer lifespan, and reduced material cost. Threading dies are also commonly used in various applications, including motorcycles, cars, and industrial machinery, as well as for rethreading jammed pipes.

Our Product Offerings:

At Nikoaps Engineering, we offer a diverse range of threading dies, including circular split dies, circular solid dies, and hex die nuts. Additionally, our ground thread dies with a lapped finish can also be supplied. Our HSS Dies, typically produced from M2 grade, can be provided in M35 grade based on specific requirements. Notably, our HSS DIES/DIE NUTS boast a unique ground relief feature, ensuring superior cutting efficiency and improved thread finish.

In conclusion, threading dies are indispensable tools for precision threading operations, offering the flexibility to cut or form male threads as needed. Nikoaps Engineering provides high-quality threading dies to meet various industry specifications, ensuring optimum performance and longevity for your threading applications.

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