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A Brief Study About Thread Cutting Dies

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Understanding Thread Cutting Dies

Thread cutting die refers to the process of cutting threads using a die. The die is employed to cut threads on cylindrical materials, including rods. Once cut, the threaded portion becomes a male thread, functioning similarly to a bolt. Thread cutting dies come in two types: adjustable and solid. They provide precision in cutting and extend the die's lifespan by minimizing wear.

Cleaning threads with an ordinary die may result in material removal, causing threads to become loose and weak. For thread cleaning, special dies known as chasers are used. Threading dies serve a wide range of purposes, cutting male threads for use with taps that cut female threads. They are designed to meet industry specifications.

Types of Thread Cutting Dies:

  • Solid Thread Cutting Die: Used for small-diameter and pitch threads.
  • Split Thread Cutting Die: Consists of fixed and adjustable parts for cutting large threads.
  • Spring Thread Cutting Die: Features adjustable width for a slight reduction in bore size.
  • Pipe Thread Cutting Die: With large diameters, it cuts smaller pitches through manual rotation of a large wrench.

Features of Thread Cutting Dies:

  • Side screws in thread cutting dies are adjustable for easy adjustment.
  • Top screws in thread cutting dies are adjustable for easy adjustment.
  • All screws in thread cutting dies can be adjusted easily as they are non-adjustable screws.

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