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Premium Range of Thread Cutting Dies by Nikopas

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Nikopas Engineering Pvt. Ltd. - Quality Thread Cutting Dies

Quality Thread Cutting Dies by Nikopas Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

If you're in search of high-quality Thread Cutting Dies, choose a reliable company that delivers products tailored to your specifications. Nikopas Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one such company committed to providing a premium range of Thread Cutting Dies made with top-grade materials. Our products are marketed under the brand name "nkp," and we specialize in designing a diverse range of thread cutting dies, including:

  • Acorn Thread Cutting Dies
  • Multi-start Dies
  • Conduit Thread Cutting Dies
  • Circular Thread Cutting Dies
  • Special Thread Cutting Dies
  • Screw Adjustable Thread Cutting Dies, and many more.

The thread size and forms of our products vary, each known by a specific name. For more information, refer to the specifications below:

  • Thread Size: Ranges from 1/8" (3mm) to 4" (100mm) in Fine and coarse pitches, RH and LH.
  • We design dies of IS, DIN, BS, AMERICAN, and different standards based on customer specifications.
  • The threads supplied are generally cut thread split dies or ground thread dies.
  • HSS dies feature a unique GROUND RELIEF for increased cutting efficiency and improved thread finish.

Aside from thread cutting dies, we manufacture various other nkp products, including Rethreading Hex Dies Nuts, Cone dies holders, etc. All our products are crafted with quality materials using innovative techniques.

USPs of NKP Products:

  • Dimensional Accuracy: All our products come in varied sizes and shapes for clients to choose according to their specifications.
  • Fine Finish: nkp products are known for their excellent finish.
  • Cutting Efficiency: Our designed products exhibit extremely high cutting efficiency.
  • Tool Life: The offered range is highly durable with a long tool life.
  • Rust Resistance: Nuts and dies from our end are known for their rust-resistant property, etc.

Summary: If you're seeking a quality array of thread cutting dies, die nuts, or die holders, contact our 24*7 team of experts at Nikopas Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Keep your worries aside and get in touch with us to buy the best range of products at the best price.

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