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Industrial Applications of Threading Dies

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Understanding Threading Dies

A threading die is designed to cut and form a male thread on the exterior part of rods, providing accuracy in cutting and enhancing the die’s lifespan by reducing wear. The tools used for cutting threads are tap and die. While taps cut the female part of the thread (e.g., a nut), dies cut the male part of the thread (e.g., a bolt).

The primary role of threading dies is thread cutting or thread forming, functioning across a wide variety of applications. Threading dies cut a male thread, which is then used with a tap to cut the female thread. They are manufactured and designed to meet the specifications of various industries.

Types of Threading Dies:

  • Fractional Die: Used on hard material to generate peripheral threads.
  • Pipe Die: Used for the rethreading of taper pipes.

Features of Threading Dies:

  • Side adjusting screws.
  • Top adjusting screws.
  • Non-adjustable screws.

Applications of Threading Dies:

  • Threading dies are commonly used in industrial metalworking.
  • Used for renovating threads in stripped holes or bolts.
  • Rolled threading dies offer advantages like longer life, strength, and reduced material cost.
  • Taps are used in motorcycles, cars, and industrial machinery.
  • Threading dies are used for rethreading jammed pipes.

Benefits of Threading Dies:

  • Provides excellent accuracy of the thread profile.
  • High-quality surface finishing.
  • Superior wear resistance.
  • Greater resistance to exhaustion.
  • Increased resistance to corrosion.
  • Produces more efficient working in terms of time and cleanliness.

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