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The Difference Between Thread Cutting Dies & Rethreading Hex Die Nuts

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Thread Cutting and Hex Die Nuts

Slicing a Thread and Rethreading Hex Die Nuts

Slicing a thread is carried out with the help of a die contained in stocks. It is designed out of carbon steel or high-speed steel. Stocks are produced from mild steel and one of the popular types of dies is the circular split die. The presence of flutes in the die generates the cut in the material to form a thread. Circular gaps enable chippings present within the waste material to break free from the die and reduce clogging in the cutting tool.

Features of a Circular Split Die

Circular split dies hold a higher degree of adjustment and features three adjusting screws. The external outer screws fasten the die to create a smaller thread. However, if you wish to produce a larger thread, all you need to do is to loosen the external screws while tightening the central screw. Today, several companies are manufactures of high-quality thread cutting dies & rethreading hex die nuts, so instead of doing it manually, you could seek their help to execute the process.

Ways to Slice an External Thread Manually

  • First, you are supposed to choose an accurate diameter.
  • Place a chamfer at the fag end of round section steel, and it would assist the starting the thread with the help of stock and die.
  • Make use of a cutting compound while slicing a thread and apply it over the steel before slicing. This would make sure a seamless process and a sharper thread.

What are Rethreading Hex Die Nuts?

At present, numerous companies are manufacturers of high-quality thread cutting dies and rethreading hex die nuts. A rethreading hex die nut is used to shape or slice a male thread on the external surface of bars and rods. A major highlight of rethreading hex dies is that it ensures precision in cutting and extending the durability of a die to reduce wear and tear. Dies and taps are some of the tools utilized for slicing threads.

Threading dies are used to slice or shape threads. Thread cutting could be either internal or external and they are best suited for huge volume productions or attaining better tensile strength. Threading Dies have plenty of variations such as adjusting screws on the top and sideways. Threading dies are used in a diverse range of applications such as industrial metalworking. Apart from that, it is utilized to repair threads in bolts. Roller threading dies have potential benefits such as enhanced durability, optimal strength, and lower material cost.


If you are looking around for premium quality threading hex die nuts and or thread cutting dies, then you may execute comprehensive research through online to find a suitable manufacturer of high-quality thread cutting dies and rethreading hex die nuts.

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